Making belties with my Allbrook and Hashfield and a chicken site inspector.

Today I went to work on some orders and wanted to remember how much I love my machines. I set to work on My Allbrook and Hashfield overlocker and reflected on how wonderful this machine is. 

Originally it was designed to run on a steam engine using a fly belt. Today it is run on an electrical engine that sounds like a jet engine when I turn it on.  Inside it is amazing with wheels and cogs and nipples . Just a fabulous bit of engineering. I have put some pictures here of the insides of the beast that is my Allbrook and Hashfield. Also a picture of my site inspector Lotty the Pekin Bantam 

This Overlocking Sewing Machine used to belong to Moorlands factory who made Flying jackets . I am so pleased to have this tool and concider it a joy to work with .

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