A wee sheep blog . We went on an adventure.

The Royal Highland show has now finished and we have broken camp. Ahhh the comforts of a hotel bed. Thank you to all the loyal costomers and to all the brand new ones. What a fab show. One of the highlights for me was the venture to do a photoshoot with the Valais sheep.Having  not much time available for this meant we had to work fast. We set off at about 8.30 in the morning having snaffled a trolley, BIG BOY being far to big to carry. Here is the encounter. I also include a picture of one of the happy newly adopted bulls with his new family. 

Now we are having a break before The Scottish Game Fair at Scone. I love this event . Although  very small after the RHS it is super sweet . Hope to see you there. 

Customer taking their new beast home. This being a large Icelandic bull.
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