New and wonderful Organic Sheepskins have arrived

These skins were produced By Nicky Port They are extremely super and extremely rare. That is Nicky is the best Tanner I know in the UK and her sheepskins are traceably local and exceptional. I will be making the next 10 FF beasts using her skins and that may be all I get for 2017. So I thought I would show you them before they are made and then I will show them made . If you would like something made using Nicky's sheepskin let me know and I can make to your spec.

I met Nicky at a show in London about 16 years ago and her knowledge of the subject was such a benefit to me at the time. We are firm friends now but even I cannot be sure of getting the skins I would like from her. So I am excited to get to work with these Thank you Nicky.

Alison mackayComment