My Wow file is the first place I look

I wonder if I am alone in having a WOW file or something like it. I was speaking the other day with another creative monster and she was expressing how sometimes it is hard to be inspired . My friend was feeling low and looking at a blank page. I really understood how she was feeling as at times I am paralized when I walk into the workshop. Looking for ideas and just feeling cold.

I have developed a very good plan for such moments that I call The WOW file. Since I got myself computerised I have taken to doing something in particular for just such moments and I think it really works. As I browse the web and look at stuff I grab a screen shot of anything that makes me say "WOW" no matter how dissperate or unconnected , actually it matters not a jot what it is and I file it in my WOW file. I wanted to share this as I expect it is not only makers who feel the problem and I am sure it is a great habit to get into. I screen shot anything and everything that I think is important and when I am feeling at a loss I just go there for a lift. That is my thought for the day .

Alison mackay1 Comment