My customers are wonderfully good at picturing their beasts

Today one of my latest Valaise Sheep has arrived at her new home in the Alps. She lives in Bozal in France and looks very much at home. I am excited that these are going all over the world and especially back to where they came from. The Alps being where they originated. There are now a few herds in the UK and I heard a whisper that importing them is now restricted. So I am definately bucking the trend and sending them all over the place. 

I have not yet put these on my web site as they have quite a following and I have been trying to keep up with the demand. The thing that has taken the most time to sort out has been the horns. I blogged about that earlier. I am even now playing with the design of them. Being made from cast aluminium they are naturally muted silver and so I can powder coat them as well. However people have liked the colour as it is and so as yet I have only done them metal coloured.If you are interested in having one of these please call me the number is on my site. I expect there to be at least a two month lead time on them . Happy with the response and look forward to seeing more great shots of not only these but any of the FF beasts. 

Thank you to my customers 

Here is a snap of a real life Valaise. They are really big as sheep go and are about the size of a Shetland pony 

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