Today is do the Mail order and have fun day. Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun

This morning started with Tintin and I dropping two of my friends off at their venue near Waverley station. Here begins a tale of two colours.. Today I have met the best and also the grumpiest. 

My passenger unwisely and slightly unexpectedly decided to leap out . I had pulled up at the drop spot but the place was full so I was awaiting for a taxi to pull away. Anyway this premature departure ended with a man rudely informing me that he was calling the police as I was leaving the scene of an accident. I was stuck ....I waited and finally was able to pull in to the space I had wanted. Getting out I now realised that the door had caused damage to a parked car. Only small but none the less certainly my passengers fault. Calm down I tried to tell him. I have gone nowhere......Blah blah anyway he eventually apologised and details where swapped.  Really there is no problem and all will be well but I was unimpressed with the man's angry nasty way and now I have got that off my chest I must say the day improved no end. 

First stop a box factory I had identified via google.This company I can heartily recommend. So to all my Edinburgh area likees who need boxes They are D.W.Cases.(Link above).

I went in and asked if a small quantity was ok.....They not only supplied me but also made me coffee and provided a space to work. Sometimes peeps are so lovely you cannot remember how grumpy people exist.Craig the lovely box man advised me to go to Yellow Craig Beach   what a super place . I have put a few picture. Then we went to  The Open Arms Inn. Excellent as well. Dog friendly and they provided tit bits for Tintin......Lovely lovely lovely day. Now back home blogging and then Olympics watching. 

On the beach we saw lots of sandcastles most impressive being the Crocodile and in town we saw yarn bombing . 

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