Last week in Castle Street Edinburgh

The first day was cancelled due to dangerously high winds. So we set up on a still windy Monday and thereafter the wind and the rain continued sporadically . This of course meant that the beasts were restless and Tintin and I were less than enjoying ourselves (beside the wonderful company). However toward the weeks end we rallied and could see the light at the end of the dreadful weather tunnel. Saturday was the final day and the sun came out . Hooray all was good with the world again. We were bowled over by the totally brilliant result. I honestly could not believe that I would be able to call the week a success, but I can. I have done as many beastly deals as if the weather had been perfect. I am pleased to announce that the Valais have been very well received. Among others one going to France and one to it's native Switzerland . I had to guess the weight and hope I am not too far out. Note to self : must weigh the Valais. 

Tintin was getting on with the customers and spent a lot of time buried in his sheepskin bed , often scaring the unwary passer by when he would suddenly move and gave them a fright. 

Alison mackayComment