Win a bull and maybe a sheep if enough entries.

Joseph the Prada shop London.

Joseph the Prada shop London.

Due to the recent influx of ancient beasts wanting a make over I have been inspired to make a super offer. This is to all owners and carers of FF Bulls.

I would like you to post the best picture you have of your bull and the place you got him and approximate date. This will be the one that shows your bull in a happy moment best of all. I know that there are many happy bulls out there and I would like to see them. I want to know the approximate date and place of purchase in particular. Please put that you are entering the competition on the posting.

This competition will be judged in part by FF fans but I will have the final say. Please post pictures of your bull/bulls in a moment of adventure and love. If I get more than 20 entries there will be a runner up. The prize of both bull or sheep is only for the UK. If you enter from abroad then the cost of posting is bearable by you.

The first prize will be the one I think is the best.(Which may be the one with the most likes, but may not be)I will be looking for a lovely happy bull.

The runner up will be the bull with the most likes that did not win the first prize.

Please only enter your bull/bulls once with approximate date and place of purchase.

The first prize is a standard bull of your colour choice. and the runner up(if enough entries) will be a standard sheep. I will judge this on Saturday next weekend at middayThe 5th of November. I will post the result on the 6th of November. Your prize will be sent as soon as possible and will be sent free in the UK.

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